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Available Italian Greyhounds

We dont have any pups looking for homes right now but do hope to breed Emey - BISS Ch Barad Deepest Emotions in early 2016.


Emey - one of our very special girls



Sire will be Spike - Barad Sir Galahad - another of our gorgeous boys. Spike lives in Melbourne with owner Noel. We have never shown Spike but instead he spends him time helping other Sighthounds find their inner strength.

Spike - Barad Sir Galahad



Our last litter of eight pups have all found there new homes and are now five months old. We have retained Mawson and Matty.  are very excited to say Annie had her litter on the 3rd June 2015.

Dam: Annie - Ch Barad Mountain Cathedral (IID)   Sire: Ch Tunamara Titanium

(You can find photos of Annie both below and on other pages and Titan on other pages )



         Barad Mount Mawson Pine    ( 12 weeks)                                                                          Barad Lomatia ( 12 weeks )

Pups - 3 weeks

Annie x Titan Pups 12 days old

Annie x Titan Pups 12 days old



Dogzonline is always a good place to look if you are wanting a puppy beyhond the one or two that we may have available from our upcoming litter.


Our Breeding Philosophy

As usual our emphasis in our breeding program is to breed 'fit for purpose' companion puppies. Within this of course is the hope that we will breed a pup for us to keep, to join our lives and to show, obedience train and to warm our lives and beds.

Our breeding girls are all genetically tested for things such as PRA and have sound temperaments.  Our pups are raised in our home with the family and exposed to noise and the company of humans and other animals. They are loved from the minute they are born, wormed and of course vet checked and microchipped before they leave for their new homes.

We are happy to send pups by plane to their new homes as they are exposed to crates at an early age. We encourage any one thinking about purchasing an Italian Greyhound from us or elsewhere to come and meet our dogs - to make sure you understand their natures, size and of course to get to meet us, their loving breeders.

We never tire of talking about this breed and are happy to inform anyone of their needs and health considerations as well.


Simone and Sancia Bingham

Barad Kennels Italian Greyhounds


 Annie (Ch Barad Mountain Cathedral (IID) Born 19 September 2009)



Annie the Boat Girl

Annie the Mum



What typical Barad Pups look like - these 11 are from our September and October 2014 litters. If you want to know more about these litters keep reading. If you want to know anything about our dogs or  the breed in general feel free to contact Simone on  0448716963.

Essien - with all 11 pups from Litters 14 and 15 at seven weeks




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